• Long-nosed Potoroo

    Our namesake, the Long-nosed Potoroo.
    This is Rachel—she was born at Potoroo Palace.

  • Koalas

    Sapphire the Koala was born at Potoroo Palace.

  • Emus

    Bib and Ben, two of our inquisitive young Emus…

  • Peacocks

    Andrew is one of the shimmering Peacocks that roam the grounds of Potoroo Palace, often accompanying the keepers at morning tea time.

  • Possums

    Our resident Possum Trevor comes out for a walk…

  • Eastern Bearded Dragon

    This is Mickey. He is often watched by children while they are waiting for their lunches in the cafe.

  • Kookaburras

    The ever-watchful Kookaburra…

  • Dingoes

    Djingo has a well earned rest…

At Potoroo Palace we love introducing you to our family—and they get excited about it, too!

petal-introThis meeting of worlds is what it’s all about. Potoroo Palace is a sanctuary for both animals and people, grown over the years by a team of passionate staff and volunteers. And some very special ambassadors.

We’re not-for-profit, so your entry fee helps keep us going with our conservation and education.

Thank You (from all of us).

logo-trip-advisorPotoroo Palace has been proudly presented with a Trip Advisor Award of Excellence for 2016. This is our fourth consecutive Award of Excellence received from Trip Advisor. We are pleased to have been ranked as the #1 attraction in Merimbula and in the top 10% of attractions worldwide!

We cannot wait to come back! Your love and care of the animals is inspirational and infectious.

— Al, Amy and lil Anika

It’s rare to run into such knowledgeable staff, but even less common to meet staff willing to share and provide a unique hands-on experience. And the animals seem quite happy about it too!

— Gabriel and Gianna, California

This place is so much more close and personal than anything in Sydney. This has been an amazing day!

— Kerry & James Taylor

Probably the best wildlife park/sanctuary we have been to. Everything is so well cared for. Thankyou.

— Caitlin and Conor, Adelaide

Which bird is that?

Press the play button to listen…see if you can identify the bird?

Click here for the Answer

Actually, it’s a trick question!

The bird song is from the Lyrebird. Apart from being magnificent, the lyrebird is a very clever imitator of many sounds.